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Paradigma Creation is a Bucharest based architectural & interior design practice committed to delivering distinctive and timeless design solutions that respond to contemporary living.

Defined by outstanding quality, each project is approached independently yet unified by a design philosophy that seeks to create a lasting impact through design excellence.

Year. 2020
Client. Residential House

In this project blue is the star color. We find it in nature, and when we manage to bring it to people’s homes it always has a good vibe. And that’s because it’s the shade that will unify and frame the entire interior design. In this project, we used it mainly for walls or furniture, balancing with white, beige or gray tones.

We highlighted the entrance hall by choosing a door in our blue star. Because you know too! A beautiful house is known from the entrance.
For the kitchen we amplified the natural light during the day, with white furniture combined with wooden elements, transforming the space into a “cozy” place.
Color therapy has a beneficial effect on the interior space of your home and on your mood. Using the right colors, each room fulfills the role for which it was built and gives you a pleasant feeling of comfort, peace and security. This is what we wanted for this house.